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In order to get to know all the beauties that the Požega region has to offer, you will have to return to Golden valley several times, and we can recommend attractions, activities and gastronomic offers that you must not miss.


Holy Trinity Square

The Baroque square, dominated by the Plague Monument, the Holy Trinity, is one of the main attractions you will notice in Požega, and on the square itself there is the Franciscan monastery and the Church of the Holy Spirit, the City Museum of Požega, Požega House - visitor center and banks, shops and iconic cafes.

Church of the Holy Spirit and Franciscan monastery

On the square itself is the oldest church in the city, built in 1285 in Romanesque and Gothic style. It was renovated in the baroque style by the Franciscans in the 18th century, and if you take a closer look, you will notice that the south side has a different architecture than the rest of the church.

Old Town Forest Park

The old town was the residence of the Croatian-Hungarian queens, but now, instead of a former powerful fortress, now stands a landscaped promenade. It is located on a hill with an irresistible view of Požega.


The famous hill not far from the city center, named after a friar Luka Ibrišimović Sokol, is enriched with historical and sacred buildings. From the hill there is a view of almost the entire Požega basin - up to Krndija mountain on the east and on the west and north – to the Papuk mountain with the nature park of the same name.

Požega house

Požega house is a visitor center that represents a new type of tourist offer, and the goal is unification of everything the city can offer. An integral part of the Požega house are the ground floor and the basement that talk the story of the rich tradition and history of the city, and within the building there is also a unique souvenir shop. In the cellar, you can find out how chocolate and wine are connected and what are the traditional dishes of Požega and Slavonia.

Cathedral of St Theresa of Avila

The Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Požega, decorated in Baroque and Rococo style, will leave you breathless. There is a children's park next to the cathedral and several modern cafes whose terraces are especially attractive during summer because there is no traffic jam and you can drink coffee carefree. That is especially interesting for parents because they can enjoy while the children play on the square in front of the cathedral.


Papuk Nature Park

They say that Papuk is the most beautiful mountain in Slavonia. It has plenty of hiking trails, both for beginners and for experienced mountaineers who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and seek relaxation in the heart of untouched nature as well as plant and animal life. In order to see for yourself and enjoy the experience, visit some of the attractions offered by the Papuk Nature Park. In addition to hiking, there is also the adrenaline experience, enjoying the fairytale scenes of nature or exploring stories about life in the Miocene written on the rocks of Papuk - it's up to you to choose.

Distance from the apartment: 14 km

Duboka adrenaline park

The adrenaline park is an essential destination for all those who crave adrenaline - for adults but also for children, there are two polygons suitable for children. The adrenaline park is open to visitors every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from April to November.

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Distance from the apartment: 14 km

Jankovac Forest Park

Jankovac is the pearl of the Slavonian highlands, located at 475 m above sea level. It has been declared a protected park-forest, and at whatever time of the year you decide to visit it, you will have something to enjoy there thanks to a beautiful natural oasis, of which the 35-meter high Skakavac waterfall stands out. On Jankovac there is also a mountain lodge, where you can enjoy traditional specialties in their restaurant.

Distance from the apartment: 30 km


House of the Pannonian Sea

House of the Pannonian Sea is a visitor center in Velika, which the youngest will especially enjoy since there are stories about life in the Miocene, written in the rocks of Papuk, shown in an interactive way.

Distance from the apartment: 14 km


Phone: 034 / 313 030


Terra Panonica

The interpretation center is perfect for children, but also for the elderly who want to explore stories about the ancient and the present species of plants and animals of Pleternica and Požega-Slavonia County, which were once covered by the Panonian sea. In a modern and innovative way, you will learn stories about natural heritage and travel 24 million years into the past. Permanent exhibitions, augmented and virtual reality, education, the multimedia hall and the tourist train are an excellent choice for combining entertainment and education.

Distance from the apartment: 12 km




Grill Lion

Grill Lav has a long-standing tradition and quality of preparing food on the grill. It is located near the apartment and it also offers delivery.

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Distance from the apartment: 300 m

Contact: 00385 34 272 169

Slavoner pub

The pub is located in the center of Požega, not far from the apartment. In a pleasant environment, they serve all kinds of beer, and beers from local craft breweries on tap.

Distance from the apartment: 350 m

Spar restaurant Tutto Bene

When you want to eat something "off your feet", Tutto Bene, the restaurant within the Spar store, is the right place. The restaurant has freshly prepared salads, ready meals, grilled dishes, kebabs and fresh baked goods and sweets.

Distance from the apartment: 1.2 km

Stari Fenjeri inn

The rustically decorated inn is located in a forest valley just a few kilometers from Požega, in the village Turnić. The restaurant's plates depict tradition, and it is especially important to emphasize that the fish is from their own lake. Smoked carp is highly recommended, which will leave you a memory of Slavonia for a long, long time.

Distance from the apartment: 4 km

Contact: 00385 99 274 2222

Čiča Mata's buffet

Surrounded by beautiful nature, Čiča Mata's buffet in Velika is an unmissable place for everyone who enjoys traditional Slavonian dishes, such as čobanac, made from venison. A spacious terrace towered over the riverbed itself, and it is the river Veličanka that also gives the restaurant a special atmosphere during the summer.

Distance from the apartment: 14 km

Contact: 00385 34 233 700

Fisherman's house Lukač

On the way to Kutjevo, a restaurant full of greenery and plants will surely catch your eye. It is a restaurant that serves traditional fish and meat specialties.


Contact: 00385 34 267-153

Distance from the apartment: 18 km


Winery Jakobović

The Jakobović family has been producing wines for 100 years, and the vineyards are located on the southern, always sunny and on the airy slopes of Papuk, above the Vetovo settlement. They offer a wide range of white, pink and red wine, and they are constantly expanding. Wines win prestigious recognitions and awards, thanks to the constant investing in quality and technology, while respecting heritage and tradition.

Distance from the apartment: 16 km


Contact: 00385 98 947 3299


Krauthaker Winery

Special attention is paid to the domestic autochthonous variety of Graševina, which has won several awards. Vines are grown according to the eco principle. In the Krauthaker cellar, wines of all vintages are nurtured and matured – from late to selective harvest of dried berries, a total of 25 different wine sorts. There is a wine tasting room within the winery and it is equipped for groups of visitors. A trained sommelier guides visitors through the tasting of 5, 6 or 7 wines. Tasting tours are possible in English and German.

Distance from the apartment: 20 km


Contact: 00385 34 315 000


Enjingi Winery

Continuing the centuries-old tradition of grape and wine production that he inherited from his grandfathes, on the native slopes of Krndija, in the heart of the world-famous Kutjevo Vineyards, Ivan Enjingi harvests only the best. The grapes are not treated by artificial preservatives, and the wine obtained from them is special - with all the characteristics of the climate, as befits a winemaker who brought the first golden Decanter to Croatia.

Distance from the apartment: 18 km


Contact: 00385 34 267 200


Kutjevo Winery

The Kutjevo cellar is the most important wine center in Croatia. With almost 800 years of tradition, this historical complex is full of stories, experiences, ghosts of the past and legends that you must hear with tasting top wines. The old part of the cellar preserves the richest wine archive in Croatia, in which along with 70 thousands of bottles, there are bottles of the oldest examples from 1947 carefully aging.

Distance from the apartment: 25 km

Contact: 00385 98 947 3299



Winery Kaptol

In Kaptol, the northwestern part of Golden valley, there is a winery of the same name, which is mostly run by women and it creates a new wine story of the Kutjevo vineyards. Since that area has been famous for growing vines for centuries famous, a team of young people decided to take full advantage of its traditional and hidden values. A friendly environment is the basis for the creation of this special story and excellent wines, and the environment in which the wine tasting takes place is more than idyllic.

Distance from the apartment: 13 km

Reservations: 00385 99 839 0942



Craft spirits distillery

A small distillery located in Kaptol produces gins that respect tradition in a modern way. Although Castrum gins have been on the market for a short time, they have won prestigious national and international awards, and they are also conquering all the lovers of hard liqour. Gins are dominated by pine, and Slavonian spices such as elderberry, black mulberry, and vine, will place you at the foot of Papuk even when you are far, far away.

Distance from the apartment: 13 km

Reservations: 00385 99 785 8146



Franz Brewery

In Pleternica, a town located in the Požega basin, at the mouth of the Londža river, Franz Brewery is located. The root of the name Franz is the word free, and the team from the brewery thought it was a perfect match because they are in search of freedom. You will certainly feel freer when you try golden ale and brown ale, drinkable and harmonious beers with a malty taste, pleasant aroma and mild bitterness.

Distance from the apartment: 10 km

Contact: 00385 91 782 2456